about us

My name is Justine Brydia and I have loved animals all of my life.  Growing up in State College, Pennsylvania, I often sat and read about as many animals as I could.  What species they were, what they ate, how they lived, what their natural habitat was…everything!  I love dogs, cats, birds, dolphins, penguins, frogs, snakes….you name it!  Growing up, my dream job was to work at a zoo as a zookeeper.  We always had pets in the house, including cats, dogs and fish.

In 1996, my husband Bob and I, and our two Cockatiels, Frost and Alfalfa, loaded up and drove 1600 miles in a car with no A/C and moved to the Bryan/College Station area.  We left Pennsylvania in 75 degree temps and arrived in B/CS to 107 degrees!  Quite the change!  We love Texas and the B/CS area and have made it our home for more than 15 years now.  Bob and I have been married since 1993 and he is a researcher at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute on the Texas A&M University campus.  This move was my first time away from my family and all of the pets that I grew up with.  We were on our own, away from family and friends, and I was determined to prove to people that we could make it on our own.  Frost and Al were my constant companions those first weeks as we set up house and learned the town and they helped me adjust as much as I helped them!

Several years later, the Brydia family has grown in so many ways.  We have 3 Cardigan Welsh corgis, Angie, Louie, and Allie.   Frost and Al have passed on, but are never forgotten.  And the beloved pets of my clients are a part of my family as well.

Since moving to the B/CS area, I’ve held several jobs in the corporate world with increasing responsibility.  While I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work with so many people and do a number of different things, I longed to pursue my passion which is taking care of animals.  So in 2011, I started Wagging Trails Pet Sitting as the newest pet sitting service in the B/CS area.  I love my client’s animals like they were my own, and want to ensure that their comfort and care is the same that they would get from their owners!  I am passionate about providing the highest quality care, at affordable rates, and creating friends, as well as repeat clients.