Justine has taken care of our 3 cats for over a year. They LOVE her!!! I travel several times during the year. It doesn’t matter if I am gone for 2 days or 10 days. I know all is well because Justine takes care of our cats as if they were her own. She loves what she does and it shows.
— Joyce J.
We love Justine at Wagging Trails Pet Sitting. My lab is older and prefers staying at home instead of a kennel. Justine came over to meet Honey and they hit it off. Justine is truly cares about your animals as if they were her own. She came over twice a day to feed and let Honey out, as well as check out the house, turning lights on and was even willing to drag the trash can to the curb.
I received text updates on Honey while we were away, which was nice.
Justine’s prices are very reasonable and her care is top notch. Honey loves her and I am happy to find a reliable and caring person to take care of Honey when I am out of town.
Thanks Justine!
— Stacy S
I was very satisfied with Justine and Wagging Trails. She is very professional and, after the initial consultation, you realize this is not just a student trying to pick up a few dollars on the side, but a real professional who loves animals.
Prices are reasonable, service supurb, and Cosmo gets to stay at home and not locked in the 3 by 8 cell the boarding places provide. Really, a good deal for everyone
— Chris N.
We were very pleased with the service we received. She did more than we asked and took excellent care of our dogs while we were out of town. Our dogs were loved on and treated like family by Justine. We highly recommend her!
— Margaret W.
Justine is great with my Huskies, and is a very professional pet caretaker! Her service is tailored to whatever level of care I need, just to fill in, or to take care of all their needs when I’m out of town. She is a true animal lover, and it is apparent in her mastery of multiple pet circumstances. There should never be a situation where someone kennels their pet when Justine is available, and she’ll bend over backwards to accommodate her clients’ needs. Just top rate!
— Randy D
I feel very comfortable leaving my cat in Justine’s care. The cat always seems to be in a good mood when I return and so I know that Justine has spent a little extra time with her so that she doesn’t feel lonely. Justine also does a great job of taking care of other details while I’m gone, such as bringing in the mail, etc. Justine collects detailed pet-care information from her clients before the first visit and seems to remember where everything is kept so there isn’t a lot of repetition of instructions and phone numbers. She is extremely professional and reliable, and I am grateful that I don’t have to worry about the cat or the house while we’re gone.
— Diane B.
We are so fortunate to have found Justine to care for our dog and parrot. She’s comfortable to handle our bird, and he is apparently very talkative with her! She plays out back with our dog, and I know Skeeter appreciates the exercise and attention. It is comforting to know that Justine is a quick call or email away to arrange pet care, even with only days notice. I especially appreciate the text message updates about the pets when I am away!’
— Sarah H.
I would highly recommend Wagging Trails Pet Sitting Service. Justine is wonderful and our dogs love her!! She has been a lifesaver. Her prices are very reasonable and I am relieved to have my “boys” at home where they are in a comfortable environment. She keeps me updated and lets me know how they are doing while we are gone. She is professional, kind and really cares about the animals. I know our dogs are in good hands with Justine!
— Natalie J.
Justine truly loves animals. She is wonderful with my two terriers. Justine is not only dependable, but is flexible. She is more than willing to adapt to last-minute changes.
— Becky E.
Thank you so much for the great care of our animals. I think Daisy was disappointed to see me and not you come through the door. I loved the report you left and the feeling of trust I found in you to be in our home. I really appreciate it! Thanks again ~
— Amy
My dogs love Justine! I’m pretty sure they are disappointed when I come through the door instead of Justine. :) I have full trust in her and I know that my dogs are getting the care they deserve and the care I want for them.
— Amy J.